Affiliate marketing: Complete guide to getting started! [2024 Edition]


Affiliate marketing: Complete guide to getting started! [2024 Edition]

Widely used, in particular, by web giants such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten, or Fnac, affiliate marketing is also accessible and very interesting for independent online stores: this acquisition lever is a fantastic source of income for both e-merchants and affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing is an effective way for companies to promote their products or services using the promotional efforts of affiliates. 

If you’re an advertiser or affiliate just starting out, it can be difficult to know how to set up a successful affiliate process. This guide provides a comprehensive overview around affiliate marketing, with tips on choosing the right affiliate programs, creating quality content, promoting products effectively, and tracking performance to optimize your campaigns. 

Whether you're an advertiser or an affiliate, you'll find all the basics and best practices to succeed in affiliate marketing in this guide!

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